Accomplished software development leader offering with over 15 years of experience.

Motivating revenue through analyze, organize, develop and maintaining several automation, many websites and much more applications, for employer or costumer.

Implemented custom applications, Smart Kiosks, Online Shop, High Secure and Multi Thread Apps.

Effort to improved effectively working to achieve goals as both a cross-functional team member and individual contributor, While I enhanced interpersonal experiences on working as senior software developer.

Professional Experience


Senior dotNet Developer & Seo Advisor

Pars Processor Company
  • Founded kiosk applications Framework for employer.
  • Scanned foreign markets and competitive products.
  • Provided ideas for new products based on market demand.
  • Developed Card Recharge Kiosk Application in WPF.
  • Designed & Developed Parking Kiosk Application in WPF.
  • Analyzed, Designed and Developed Amusement Park Kiosk Application.
  • Market analysis and development of competitive products such as Self Order Kiosks.
  • Affected to updating Company Information, and Team Foundation for other developer members.

Senior Web Application Developer

Varjevand Meta-analyst & Software Engineering Company
  • Implemented native web components such as Excel gridview in JavaScript & JQuery.
  • Developed Form builder & Report builder.
  • Contributed in Analyze and develop office automation product.
  • Educated and trained, existing programmer members of company to become a web developer.

Senior Web Developer

Kaspid (Caspian IT & ITC Company)
  • Developed and distributed dozens of websites such as Client Clubs, Portals, Online Shops and etc.
  • Distributed Development Api of Form Builder.
  • Analyzed customer requests and Implemented personalization.
  • Provided a new SEO package based on research.

IT Expert & Software Developer

PIHO (Iran Petroleum Industry Health Organization)
  • Founded accommodation reservation portal for organizations personnel.
  • Analyzed, Designed and Developed Patient-turning application.
  • Developed Recording and Maintaining installations application.
  • Analyzed and Implemented Workflow Management System application.
  • Designed Organizational Flowchart.
  • Software support to other units

Web developer & designer

Arabakhtar shipping & transportation public joint stock company
  • Designed & developed Consulting portal Automation website .
  • Code Clearance, Debugged  & Maintenance previous automation.


Administrator and Responsible for IT

Ferdowsi Carpet Co.
  • Conducted company affairs towards accelerated paperless and consultation about costumers feedback & support.
  • Applied remote monitoring.
  • Carried online advertising and online marketing.
  • Designed & developed Ferdowsi rugs online shop.
  • Negotiated to other famous rugs companies.
2013Now (part time)

IT consultancy & Online Marketing Administration

AAA Man (Abad akhtar aria man shipping company)
  • Analyze, Design, Develop and Maintenance portal and website
  • Online marketing consulting & support
  • Seo consultant.
  • Design and distribute company work flow.
2014Now (part time)

SEO Consultant & Online Marketing Advisor

Kam group ltd(Holding Company)
  • Analyzed, Designed, Developed and Maintenance multilingual portal and website.
  • Raised sales levels by providing online marketing advice.
  • Research and provided relevant and related content for the website and, Market scanning for new service development .
  • Seo consultant.



Diploma degree (Courses in Computer)

Pajhoheshgaran Junior College

Technical and professional studies about software & hardware basics. Start programming basics in C - C++ - FoxPro - QBasic. Learned Basic Algorithms design.


College Associate degree(Continuing Computer Software)

Azad University Ferdows Branch|University

Studied software and application implementation. Learned Software Analysis, Web based Programming, Computer Graphics, Distributed Systems, Data Structures, Hardware & Networks, Principles of Supervision, Presentation Style, Project Control and familiarity with some software.


Bachelor of Software Technology Engineering(Web & Software)

Toos Institute of Higher Education(Affiliated to Ferdowsi University of Mashhad):Third University in Iran

Studied & Experienced Artificial Intelligence , Software Architecture, Repetitive based development. Learned System Analysis, Modeling, Design and Development, Computer Networks, Software & Computer Security, Integrated Systems, Distributed Systems, Algorithm Design and Analysis.

Interest and core competencies

  • SEO Research & Consultant.
  • Implementing web based systems.
  • Project management and process improvements.
  • Designing and implementing of corporate portals.
  • Designing and developing of multilingual websites.
  • Taught and Teaching application programming.
  • Planning and managing software projects.
  • Research and Provide Competitive Products.
  • Developing & implementation of exclusive web based products.
  • Analysis & implementation of Startup ideas and business solutions.
  • Analyzing & implementing automation.
  • Research, Learn and update brand new web technologies.


Community Involvement

  • StackOverFlow
  • GitHub
  • CSharpCorner
  • Visual Studio Developer Community